A New Journey

I found something I wasn’t expecting to find. I found a place where good people work together to make others happy. They provide happiness through skillful planning, savory food, creative flair and a personal touch. I found Serendipity.

As the newest member of the Serendipity Catering team, I am excited to attempt to put into words the incredible events coordinated by the crew. While it requires all the senses to fully grasp the final presentation, words and pictures are all I can deliver.

“It was absolutely amazing! I have heard so many amazing things from all of the people that were there. I am still in total amazement of how everything turned out! I can’t thank you enough,” wrote a member of the bridal party from a wedding last weekend. The wedding was coordinated by Serendipity.

The wedding was held at Zuma’s Rescue Ranch, south of Denver. Zuma’s is Serendipity’s private venue. More than 140 acres of rolling hills served as the backdrop for the occasion. A large swath of wild grass was cut down to accommodate 148 guests for the wedding ceremony. White chairs faced an arch covered in curly willow and vines that framed the skyline of downtown Denver. Although there were dark clouds and faint sounds of thunder to the west, only a sprinkle or two of rain fell.

Two large tents – one tent for tables and the buffet, the other for a dance floor and DJ – were perched in front of the private residence on the property. The private home, a gorgeous brick mansion, was available for cocktails and for the bridal party to use to get dressed for the celebration.

On cue, two mounted horses – a black one and a white one to coordinate with the wedding colors – arrived on site to greet guests and pose for pictures with the bride and groom.

The scene was picture-perfect when guests arrived. Just hours before tents were going up, a four wheeler was moving hay bales used to block rain should it fall, wine was delivered, power cords were run and flowers were arranged. Perfection came from many people working together to bring happiness to a young couple.

I, too, have found happiness with Serendipity. While I never imagined I would be on this path, it’s serendipitous that this is the direction I have wandered. I look forward to meeting and working with Serendipity clients and to writing about occasions of every type.

 Stacy SimonetPublic Relations Director | Senior Event Coordinator


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  1. king42 said

    Simply BEAUTIFUL!!!

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