Creating a theme for your next party is not as challenging as you may think, and may ultimately save you money.

“Starting your party planning with a theme is a great idea!  The theme will help develop the ‘idea board’ for an event,” said Laura Zaspel, Serendipity’s Co-Owner and Green Event Specialist.

An idea board merges colors, images and thoughts that “communicate” your desired look and feel for an event. What colors are important to you? What is the feeling you want to have at the event? What do you want your guests to walk away from the event feeling — inspired, relaxed, energized?

“Having a theme for an event does not make it more expensive to execute, and in fact lends a lot of focus to planning and putting the right amount of importance on the key ingredients of an event so money is not wasted.”

Themes can be as simple as incorporating a certain color throughout the event. For example, a recent wedding planned and catered by Serendipity was based on the color Tiffany Blue. The color was incorporated through linens, frosting, candies and other accents. Tiffany Blue was contrasted with a solid black to create an elegant effect.

On the other hand, themes can be more elaborate.

Last weekend, a young couple chose a 1920s theme for their wedding. The bride wore a 1920s inspired wedding gown with flapper curls in her hair. The groom wore a suit and tie topped off by a hat with coordinating hatband. Many female guests were decked out in flapper dresses and carried beaded purses and boas. Gentlemen wore zoot suits with matching hats and a few donned white shoes. Peacock feathers were used in centerpieces that adorned the tables inside the Denver City Park Pavilion. Serendipity coordinated a ‘20s-inspired menu of Caesar salad (reportedly created in the 1920s), lamb shepherd pie, chili rubbed pork tenderloin and grilled ratatouille.

Guests at a 1920s-themed wedding chat while they wait for the ceremony to begin.

Planning an upcoming Labor Day gathering? Choose a work-related theme. Consider creating centerpieces featuring work tools (for example, screwdrivers, hammers and paint brushes) and serve picnic food in old-fashioned

lunch pails. If you would like to get guests involved, ask them to come dressed as tradesmen.  Costumes are not just for Halloween!

September is also a great time to organize an Oktoberfest celebration complete with pretzels, brats and beer.  Download some polka music and incorporate the German flag into your decoration ideas.   The “real” Oktoberfest is celebrated in Munich from Sept. 17 – Oct. 3 this year.

Serendipity staff dressed the part during an Oktoberfest celebration.

At Serendipity Catering we help our clients decide on a theme and then custom create the menu to reflect the theme of the event.  We bring in vendors that also enhance the look and feel that one wants to achieve, for example florists, musicians, lighting technicians, cake designers, etc.

Need help with deciding on a theme, or do you have your theme but don’t know what to do next?  Call Serendipity Catering!


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