Setting the Scene

I recently attended a family reunion – catered by Serendipity, of course. Hosted by my aunt and uncle, the setting was a casual western theme. Blue and white checks as well as blue and white paisley linens draped the tables. Arrangements of yellow sunflowers and yellow napkins added dots of color throughout the yard and as the sun began to set, white candles lit up the tables.  Coordinating colors and flowers were used inside the house in areas guests would be using. The look set the tone for casual conversation and made the evening feel comfortable and cozy.

Making your home look beautiful for your upcoming party will add to the experience of your guests. While decorating your home and table may seem intimidating, there are a few basic ideas that work for any party and won’t break the bank.

Begin by choosing your color scheme for your special occasion. A white linen topped with white dishes and candles creates a beautiful, blank canvas, which is an excellent starting point.

Use ribbons to add color. Choose several colors, textures and widths of ribbon. Lay the ribbons lengthwise over your white linen to create stripes of color. You may choose to weave together multiple lengths of ribbon for a more elaborate look.  Coordinating ribbons can be tied around napkins or wine glasses. Tie matching ribbon around candles throughout your house to continue the look.

“Choose a napkin that will complement your overall color scheme and tie a fresh sprig of Rosemary into it for a simple yet sophisticated look that also adds a wonderful aroma to your place settings,” said Heidi Kunsman, the newest member of the Serendipity team. Heidi has an extensive amount of expertise in overall event décor and floral design.

Include simple, clear vases in your decorations. Fill the vases with items that help carry out your party theme or colors. For example, for Halloween consider putting a pillar candle in the vase and filling around the candle with candy corns. Replace the candy with autumn leaves for a more formal look. Clear vases can also be used to display bread sticks or seasonal fruits and vegetables. Fill a vase or two with colorful party favors. Beads, ornaments, sand, rocks and colored water with floating candles are other ideas for your clear vases.

“Create a simple, elegant, monochromatic floral arrangement of green roses or brilliant yellow tulips in a clear glass, cylindrical vase and sprinkle river-rocks around the base, between the candles.  If you are feeling creative, wrap a handful of Bear Grass around the inside of the vase and drop a few rocks in the bottom before filling with water and flowers.  This simple design is stunning and sure to impress your guests,” Heidi suggested.

Lighting contributes greatly to the scene. Candles are a simple way to add warmth to your gathering. Individual tea lights included at each place setting will personalize the dining experience. Placing a collection of candles in the living room and powder room will help carry the warmth throughout the house.  A string of white lights framing your font door is a great way to welcome guests. Colorful craft bags can be filled with sand and candles to create luminaries lining your walkway.

Heidi says lighting is the key to ambiance.  “Candlelight warms and softens any space beautifully so you can never have too many candles, inside or out.”

Finally, consider repurposing common items as decorations. For example, hay bales can be used for seating at a fall barbecue. Flowers can be arranged in beer steins for an Oktoberfest party and bandanas make great napkins for any fall gathering.

Call Serendipity today to let Heidi help you create the perfect setting for your next party. Heidi will work with you to understand your overall vision, regardless of how simple or extravagant, and help bring it to fruition.


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