Family Tree

When you think about family, many times memories of eating great meals comes to mind. Serendipity often gets to be a part of those memories by letting you enjoy the meal without the work. For several Serendipity employees, doing the work so you don’t have to, is also a family experience.

The Serendipity family tree begins with husband and wife owners, Todd and Laura Zaspel. The couple began Serendipity in 2001 after selling their bakery in Nederland, Colo. Todd is the company’s executive chef and Laura is the chief executive officer. People who have spent time around Todd and Laura can sense that the couple genuinely enjoys working together. Todd and Laura’s commitment to each other flows over into their business and those around them, especially employees, can feel their passion.

Forming a family branch on the Serendipity tree is Kelsey Wray. Kelsey is a Serendipity event coordinator and has been with on crew for three years. Kelsey is joined on the team by her fiancé and Serendipity bar tender Eric Depinto. Kelsey’s sister Delaney Wray is a Serendipity server. The three of them often work the same events and get to enjoy being together while being at work.

I became involved with Serendipity in June. In July, booming business meant a need for more Serendipity servers. My three teenagers got Laura’s famous crash course in etiquette and serving essentials and have grown into positions on the Serendipity serving staff. For me, getting to watch my kids work hard and as a team, is a privilege.  When I get in the car to head to a weekend event for work, there is no better feeling than having the kids with me.

Dale and Dottie Boscoe are a husband and wife on staff.  Dale assists in the kitchen and Dottie can be seen at large events helping to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Todd and Laura and the entire Serendipity family enjoy helping make your events successful. Thank you for inviting us into your homes and businesses and allowing us to share in your memorable moments.

The Serendipity staff.

The Serendipity staff.

Delaney (left) and Kelsey are sisters that work for Serendipity.

C.J. Simonet (left), Kaeli Simonet, Heather, Robyn and Cole Simonet


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