Corporate Catering

Businesses are always looking for an edge over their competitors and they promote that edge through marketing. One of the best marketing secrets is…you guessed it…great food!

Whether you are rewarding employees for exceeding expectations or launching a new product or simply telling customers “thank you,” food that looks good and tastes even better can play a critical role.

Food Matters.

Salads for everyone! This coporate event catered by Serendipity featured an elaborate salad bar as a "thank you" to employees.

Think about the last great meal you had. Where was it? Who did you dine with?

What impression did you leave with? Now think about the last average meal you consumed. Do you remember much about it? Probably not.

Corporate customers often tell Serendipity they want to make an impression at their event. Serendipity can create custom menus that help drive the message home. For example, a graphic design company trying to land a big account may choose to serve the prospective client a colorful salad with edible flowers to help convey its creativity. A software company trying to establish itself as a global company may choose a menu inspired by world travels.

Looking for a more personal way to thank a customer? Send lunch to the customer’s office.

Rewarding and motivating employees can also play a role in business success. How about an ice cream social to reward hitting a big deadline? Consider a monthly birthday lunch to honor employees as they turn a year older. Employment milestones are also a nice celebration – cupcakes for five years of service, appetizers for 10, lunch for 15 and a full-blown dinner celebration for 20 years.

Touting your company’s anniversary or a new building or project is a great way to send a message of endurance, stability and success to your customers. Host an open house for your employees and customers and let Serendipity create a menu that will leave a lasting impression. Consider also providing a bar and topping the evening off with a cake shaped like your company logo.

What to expect

Serendipity can put together an ice cream social like you've never seen! This is a great way to thank customers or employees.

When you hire Serendipity to help create your corporate event, you can expect service and follow-through.

A service consultant will help you choose a menu appropriate for your event. Every detail will be decided from food, to the color of table linens to the number of servers needed to ensure the occasion runs smoothly. Serendipity will coordinate with vendors for rental items and the purchase of alcohol, if you prefer.

An event coordinator and/or catering captain will be assigned and will ensure the set-up, delivery, execution and clean-up of the event is flawless. All servers working at your event will provide you and your guests exceptional service.

From start to finish, working with Serendipity will allow you to create a corporate event that guests will talk about long after the party is over. It will also allow you to enjoy the event and leave the work to our professionally trained staff.

Serendipity knows that great food is the key to a great event!


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