Just as Monet was inspired by the beautiful French countryside, and Picasso was influenced by the romance of Paris, all great artists search for that deep emotion that brings their creativity to the surface. Creating a gorgeous table setting adorned by a plate of attractive yet flavorsome food also requires inspiration – catering is, after all, an art form.

Serendipity searched for inspiration from caterers around the globe during the Catersource conference in Las Vegas the past five days. Industry leaders from all aspects of the catering business were on hand to teach and motivate hundreds of caterers.

From recipes to custom tableware to event planning software, Laura Zaspel, Shauna Anderson and Suzie Loya gathered ideas and contacts that Serendipity will employ to ensure Serendipity is one of the best caterers in Denver.

Suzie and Shauna agree that while they learned a lot of new ideas they are eager to incorporate at Serendipity, they also appreciate what great ideas and service Serendipity already provides. Laura, a co-owner of Serendipity a green event specialist, said she was impressed with the professionalism and passion of the attendees.  She said she left feeling a renewed sense of energy and motivation “wow” Serendipity clients even more.


So what’s new?

Microveggies and edible flowers were popular items.

“Mini everything,” said Shauna, Serendipity’s senior event coordinator. She said small bites are in, especially street food in miniature form. The Serendipity team visited a vendor that sold micro vegetables.

Laura said Serendipity will be incorporating more small bites on its menu this year, especially tapas inspired from her travels in Spain but made with fresh Colorado ingredients.

Small bites require a lot of small serving dishes and cups – a challenge for Serendipity since it is committed to reducing waste. However, at the convention Laura discovered a new green product perfect for small bites that fits with Serendipity’s commitment to being friendly to Mother Earth.

Bold color is another hot trend. Shauna said tangerine is the most popular right now, followed by other strong, bold colors. Suzie commented that in addition to bold colors, sparkles and lots of bling are fashionable for tables.

The Serendipity trio was impressed with the table decorating competition and brought home some great photos to use for inspiration.





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