Super-food All-stars

When researching healthy foods, you will find thousands of resources that list foods with cancer-preventing properties.  While each list varies slightly, there are a few foods that have a starring role on almost every list — blueberries, tomatoes, broccoli, garlic and carrots.

All of these foods are low in calories and fat and they contain antioxidants and phytochemicals that may help reduce your risk of cancer and even prevent a wrinkle or two.  Knowing that, here are some tips and recipes for these five all-stars.



Most people think of breakfast or dessert when they consider blueberries. But have you considered salsa, pasta and soup? Serendipity has found some amazing recipes to help you incorporate super-food darlings into your diet.

My Recipes: Chilled Blueberry Soup

My Recipes: Blueberry Salsa

Eating Well: Healthy Blueberry Recipes

Now that you have a few recipes to get out the blueberry blues make sure to choose the best berries possible. The “Food Lover’s Companion” recommends choosing blueberries that are firm, uniform in size and indigo blue with a slivery frost.  Not washing your blueberries until you are ready to use them and storing them in the refrigerator in single layer in a moisture proof container will assure longevity.



While you are selecting your blueberries, take a stroll over to visit their super-food friend the tomato. Tomatoes come in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors. All are good for you and there are recipes that utilize most varieties.

When choosing tomatoes, select the tomatoes that are firm and fragrant. They should have rich colors and no blemishes. To prevent a mealy texture, never refrigerate tomatoes.  Tomatoes can be ripened by putting them in a paper bag with an apple for several days at room temperature.

Once your tomatoes are ripe and ready, try one of these great recipes.

My Recipes: Fennel Tomato Tart

My Recipes: Tarragon Crab Salad Tomato Cups

Eating Well: Healthy Tomato Recipes



Why settle for your mother’s broccoli — boring and bland? There are so many delicious ways to incorporate the green super-food king into your diet. Epicurious, one of Serendipity’s favorite sources of inspiration, has an amazing collection of broccoli recipes and tips.

Epicurious: What to Cook Now: Broccoli

When buying broccoli, look for deep, strong color of green or green with purple, according to “Food Lover’s Companion.” The buds should be tightly closed and the leaves crisp. Refrigerate unwashed in an airtight bag.



Smelly breath is definitely worth it when it comes to garlic. Some of the best recipes call for fresh garlic. Here are a couple of delicious, unique recipe collections that call for garlic and could help keep a few vampires away.

Saveur: Spring Green Garlic Recipes

The Daily Meal: 9 Garlicky Garlic Recipes

When at the store, select garlic with firm, plump bulbs and dry skins. Store fresh garlic in an open container, away from other foods, in a dark, cool location.



Last, but not least, are the crowned carrots. Carrots are used in thousands of recipes but are also a great snack served raw.  Here are two unique carrot recipes Serendipity is sure will delight your inner bunny and keep you in bouncing shape.

Bon Appetit: Roasted Carrot and Beet Salad with Feta

Eating Well: Hot and Sour Carrots

Carrots are available either with or without greens attached. If you purchase carrots with greens, make sure the leaves are moist and bright green. Remove the greenery right away, as they deplete the roots from moisture and vitamins. Don’t buy carrots that are cracked or that are too soft. Store carrots in a plastic bag in the vegetable bin of the refrigerator. Keep carrots away from apples — the apples emit ethylene gas that can make carrots taste bitter.

Serendipity can include all these food all-stars in your next menu. Don’t forget, Serendipity is having some of its vegetables grown locally this year, providing you with the freshest ingredients possible. Call a service consultant today to start planning your menu.


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