Farmer’s Markets


Farmers’ markets have gained great popularity in the past few years, much to the delight of Serendipity Catering, Colorado’s only green certified catering company.  The reason farmers’ markets are invaluable to us goes beyond saving a Saturday trip to your regular grocery store.  Farmers’ markets give us direct access to where our food is coming from and usually what is local and in season.  Supporting local farmers and producers is great way to help our local economy and to stay Earth-friendly and healthy!  As a bonus, every visit to the farmers’ market is a chance to learn something new.


Colorado is perhaps best known for Delta peaches and Olathe corn.  We also have many other products that, when in season, rival those from grow-crazy California.  Sweet strawberries, fragrant onions and herbs, a variety of beets, lettuces, potatoes, asparagus, and even eggplant all thrive in the state.  Aside from produce, Colorado also has wonderful honey bees, dairy cows for cheese and yogurt, beef, and in the spring, lamb, which can also be found at the farmers’ markets.  Most vendors at your local farmers’ market work or own the farms themselves.  You can gather tons of recipe ideas, storing tips, and other facts from them; they are, after all, the experts!


The rise in popularity of farmers’ markets means you rarely have to go far to find one.  The staple Denver markets have always been the Cherry Creek Mall market and South Pearl Street, but now they have popped everywhere from high schools to abandoned parking lots.  Vendors often change their stock as the season goes on, which keeps us coming back to see what they will have for us next week!  Happy shopping!

Click here to find a Farmers’ Market near you!


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