Serendipity Cooking Classes!

Serendipity Catering offers cooking classes that will inspire, entertain and educate!

We have several different venues to choose from: a beautiful private venue with state of the art cooking equipment in Cherry Hills, our own commercial kitchen right by Coors Field, and we can even come to your home!

Cooking classes are great for baby or wedding showers, small gatherings or even corporate team building.   Classes can be hands-on (ideal for parties of 10) or more demonstration oriented.  We can bring classes to well-equipped in-home kitchens or we invite larger parties to our professional kitchen–either way, it is a fun and unique experience that will leave your guests and co-workers buzzing with food knowledge and great stories.  We recommend about 8 guests per chef to have the ultimate hands-on experience. Classes can be any range of cuisine from American to Asian to classic French and beyond; Serendipity’s culinary knowledge is expansive!

I asked one of the Serendipity chef’s, Chef Drew, for some personal insight on our cooking classes.

What do you like best about teaching cooking classes?

I enjoying answering questions to all levels of cooks.  Home cooks don’t have the chance to be in front of a professional chef often, so it is nice to field home cooks’ questions.

What do you like to teach best?

My favorite food is Thai. However, I am a classically trained French chef.  I like to teach basics, like how to cook vegetables properly; knife cuts… really anything specific a student wants to learn, I can teach!

What do guests find most surprising when you are teaching a cooking class?

How to dice an onion or any vegetable properly is always a surprise. Also how long it takes to make a stock.

Receive a quote for a cooking class here!


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