August is National Sandwich Month!

Peanut butter and jelly, bacon lettuce and tomato, ham and Swiss, grilled cheese–even the beloved hamburger–are all classified as sandwiches: two or more slices of bread or a split roll having a filling in between (according to Webster’s dictionary).  The possibilities of sandwich combinations are endless.  There is a sandwich to fit anyone’s particular tastes.  Truly anything you’d like between bread, a roll, stuffed in a pita, flat bread… whatever you prefer! The sandwich is a hand-held edible delight, the ideal meal.  In order to celebrate national sandwich month, we discovered the humble sandwich’s beginning and gathered a few new modern day twists on the ever changing, always evolving sandwich.



While there are several stories recounting the sandwich’s invention, the most popular is of John Montagu, the 4th Earl of Sandwich.  John was an avid gambler and did not like anything to take him out of his game.  In the 1760’s he was deeply involved in a game at London’s Beef Steak Club, a gentleman’s gaming club held at the Shakespeare Tavern.  He asked the chef to bring him a meal that did not require utensils, so as not to interrupt his game. The chef presented him with meat between two slices of bread and the sandwich was born.  Shortly afterwards his fellow gamblers started asking for “the same order as Sandwich is having.” Unfortunately for the chef (of who there is no known record), John Montagu received the credit and namesake for the culinary creation.


Present Day Sandwiches

In the 1900’s sandwiches became popular in America when bakeries started selling pre-sliced bread.  Today sandwiches are a staple in many of our daily diets.  Breakfast, lunch, and dinner can all come tucked away between two slices of bread.  Aside from the no-brainers there are a few unique sandwiches worth trying or, better yet, experiment to find your signature sandwich.  Who knows, maybe the next new dish will be named after you!


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