A Fall Wedding

Many brides prefer the spring and summer for a wedding, but fall is gaining popularity.  With cooler weather and richer colors, an autumn wedding in Colorado can be a great way celebrate a big change!


A Venue

When finding a venue it is important to consider the weather.  If you are having an early fall wedding (September or early October) you might be able to get away with an outdoor wedding, but consider a venue that has both an outdoor and indoor option in case of inclement weather.  A recent trend are country barns dressed up in wild roses, sunflowers, and gardenias for a glammed-up rustic feel.  Barns are a great way to tie in the changing outdoors with their large austere feel. Art galleries and museums also make great fall venues.  These spaces can be very open, with large windows, leaving plenty of room to decorate to fit your vision.  Often many art galleries in Denver will have funky garage doors and patios if you’d like a space with an outdoor area for your guests.  Of course, living in Colorado we cannot neglect the mountains.  There are many high country venues to chose from–just consider the distance you would like to drive and if there are accommodations for guests that would want to stay.   The mountains can provide a beautiful, natural fall backdrop!



Fall colors are deep, rich and vibrant.  Deep purples, mahogany reds, Aspen tree yellow, dusty orange, and chocolate browns are all great colors to choose from for a fall wedding.  If these colors don’t suit you, go for a sea blue with touches of deep orange or, for our pink girls, we like light and dark shades of pink with deep browns and gold. When planning a fall wedding it is best to keep nature in mind and not stray too far away from the season.  Use anything from wheat bundles in ribbon, changing leaf-tree branches, pomegranates, apples or mini pumpkins in tall vases or fall flowers for centerpieces.  Use the changing season as your inspiration.



Comfort foods often remind us of fall and winter.  When planning your menu, think of heartier food–roasts or pork tenderloin. Skip items like seafood or chicken.  For appetizers have your cheese plate include blue cheeses, apples, and figs.  This is both beautiful and delicious!  Sides can be dishes like herbed mashed potatoes or roasted root vegetables.  Rosemary, sage, thyme and marjoram are herbs that can instantly conjure up fall memories.  So make sure your menu has these included!  Another fun addition for colder weather weddings is to have hot chocolate or hot cider for your guests.  To kick it up a notch offer guests hot drinks spiked with Khalua or rum.  As a parting gift for your guests, give out wrapped candy apples labeled with the bride and groom’s names and the date.  A delightful gift any guest would be happy to walk away with!


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