The Crock Pot

Since the 1970’s the Crock Pot has revolutionized slow home cooking.   The crock-pot came to us after a device called the “Beanery” did not fare well in test markets.  The “Beanery” was made only for the use of cooking dried beans.  After playing around with the appliance, the testers soon realized that it was ideal for cooking meats more so than it was for beans.  In 1971 the Crock Pot was introduced to the public.  Although slow cooking has been around since ancient times, the Crock Pot made the “low and slow” technique easier for home cooks.  The Crock Pot can make tough meats tender and infuse flavors into bland foods.  It does a remarkable job of cooking root vegetables, and is as easy as throwing ingredients into the pot, turning on a switch and forgetting about it.



Football Sunday chili, stews, corned beef, and chicken noodle soup all come to mind when thinking of Crock Pot cooking.  But how about a no-fuss risotto, stuffed bell peppers, carnitas, or a bread pudding?  In the modern day world Crock Pots can be a home cook’s best friend!  A Crock Pot can make a non-cook feel like a Michelin star chef.  We gathered a few tried and true slow cooker recipes along with some more unique dishes to give a try as we enter the fall season–happy slow cooking! 25 Best Crock Pot Recipes 5 Healthy Crock Pot Recipes Crock Pot Chocolate Mud Cake

Taste of Slow Cooker Desserts



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