A Cold Weather Brunch

Party season has arrived and we are all getting ready with decorations, menus, and fancy dresses.  Parties can range from over-the-top extravaganzas to low-key gatherings.  Of course, we love all types of parties, but during the hustle and bustle of the holiday season it is refreshing to attend or host a party that is more unexpected and casual like a brunch! Between all the evening engagements, brunch is great time to get guests together for a laid back affair.  As a bonus, brunch can also be more affordable than an evening party, though we think it can be just as fancy.


Brunch is early in the day, which brings freshness to mind.  Seasonal flower arrangements, fresh fruit like apples or oranges piled in decorative bowls or large vases, or mini pastries or cookies stacked high on floral plates; floral pumpkins, poinsettias—these all make great centerpieces.  Use nature’s decor for accents: autumn leaves, and juniper or holly branches.  Keep the colors in season.  Often when we think of brunch, we think of springtime, so it is important to keep the colors relevant to the season.  For fall colors we favor light yellows and oranges and for winter, off-white with deep red.


Prosciutto Cups Brunch is a balance of sweet and savory foods.  Keep the familiar brunch food interesting by adding a spin on classics.  For the sweet side try pumpkin pancakes, gingerbread waffles, stuffed French toast with apples and raisins, or pecan cinnamon rolls.  For savory items: quiche in prosciutto cups, roasted potatoes with rosemary, maple bacon, sausages with sage, or a strata baked with mushrooms and sweet potatoes.  Include a salad with fresh greens and seasonal fruits like pears or dried cranberries.



The mimosa is the standard brunch cocktail and easy enough to make.  For a more interesting route, experiment with different types of mimosas like a pumpkin ginger mimosa or a festive cranberry mimosa.  To keep a fun flow to any party, it is always great to have an interactive station such as a make-your-own bloody Mary bar with vodka, tomato juice, a variety of olives, salami, provolone squares, a variety of hot sauces, and celery stalks.  For non-alcoholic drinks offer a twist on hot chocolate like the spicy and warming Mexican hot chocolate, or serve a classic holiday punch.


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