Spring Wedding Tips & Trends

Spring is around the corner, and that means wedding season has arrived! Many of our brides have been planning for months to get the details of their Big Day right. Brides, grooms, guests, caterers, and vendors all love a great wedding. When choosing caterers, florists, photographers, and a wedding cake, take your time looking, be upfront about your budget (a good team will work with you on this), and make sure your specific vision can be executed. When you are in good hands, a wedding can truly be a piece of cake!

The wedding industry is ever changing with new trends on everything from bridal dresses to cocktails.  We took a look at what it will take to make any wedding perfect and memorable in 2013.


Colors and Décor

pink-and-green-wedding-decorCool colors are in this year.  Shades of green, blues, and yellow are popping up everywhere.  For girly-girls, pinks and purples can still be on trend, just consider balancing them with a complimentary cool shade such as a deep pink and a light mint green. Mint green seems to be the color-darling for this year, as it can be matched to almost any theme and as a bonus, most brides and grooms can agree on the color.  Using patterns, like stripes, gingham, delicate floral and bold graphic prints as fun accents for details like table runners, ribbons, and chair cushions will add a touch of personality. For added whimsy, match groomsmen bow-ties or, bridesmaids skirts to the desired pattern.  During the reception, many brides are considering have a reception lounge area.  This is an area set away from the dance floor with comfortable, quite seating and sometimes extra snacks, or drinks.  This is wonderful for older guests, and friends that may want socialize before hitting the dance floor.  Flowers like peonies, garden roses, and hydrangeas, are current.  Instead of tall vases for centerpieces, look for long garlands tied with printed bows or hanging from chandeliers.

1920’s Theme Weddings will be big this year.

Decorating with love birds adds fun detail to a natural setting.

Main Course

With many brides becoming environmentally aware, we are begging to see more localized weddings.  Brides are looking to incorporate local itemsMini Heirloom Pockets on their menus.  Local wines, cheeses, local baked breads, in-season flowers, and produce will all make appearances on wedding menus.  Brides and grooms are incorporating their heritage into menus by serving items that reflect their backgrounds, like crab cakes (From the Northeast) or empanadas (South America).  As we were beginning to see the past few years, the mini menu is expected to be ever more popular this year.  Serving a miniature menu with many options is an easy, attractive, and affordable way to please everyone.  Also, guests appreciate the no-mess bite size meal. The set up of a mini menu can serve as wonderful conversation and centerpiece.

Food trucks will be driving to reception and wedding after-party near you!

Move over champagne, there are new bubbles for toasting!  Beer is expected to be incorporated into wedding drink menus.


Dessert Bar Wedding cakes are going vintage with lace details that often mimic the bride’s dress.  So think big, white, beautiful cakes with lots of detail and maybe a soft colored flower or two.  For the more modern look, brides are choosing silhouette cakes with bright colors and hand painted fondant.  As alternatives to cakes, the new fun choices are doughnuts,  and miniature bundt cakes.  Dessert bars are also gaining momentum.  Dessert bars are a great way to use food as a decoration and give guests options aside from cake.  Some fun dessert bar ideas to look for this spring:

Dessert Tables from Real Weddings

Creative Dessert Table Ideas



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