Trulife Studios

Serendipity Catering has recently partnered with Trulife Studios, a unique collaborative event and wedding planning studio. Trulife has a beat on the most superior vendors for Colorado weddings and events.  Learn more about Trulife Studios here.

Since wedding season is almost here, we sat down with Sarah Roshan, owner of Trulife Studios, and got a few great ideas and tips for planning a Colorado wedding:

What are the qualities you look for when finding a vendor or venue?

Potted Shrimp All my professional vendors and venues have come from a recommendation from me or my other vendors. Each one has to have set up their business in a professional manner, have excellent customer service, and have worked with at least one of my other vendors.

Have you ever had any wedding disasters? How was it handled?

Some of the weddings I have personally attended that maybe weren’t disasters, but could have gone much more smoothly were those where they decided not to hire a professional to do a job. DJs not understanding the sound systems they are working on (or just not showing up). The reason true professionals cost more is because they are true professionals. They understand what it takes to go the extra mile, be a hero, provide excellent customer service, and feed their family.

What tips do you have for an over-stressed bride?

This day only happens once in your lifetime. It is supposed to be fun. Fun to plan, fun to experience. The more you stress out, the Bridal Dress with shash less fun it gets. Sit back, relax, it will all work itself out. And if something goes wrong on your wedding day (which is bound to happen), just let it go and enjoy the moment. It goes by so quickly.

Any wedding/event trends you are looking forward to this spring? 

I really love the new trend in wedding gowns with the sashes around the waist. It adds uniqueness to your dress. I am a hopeless romantic when it comes to couples and love so I really love all the soft pallets that I am seeing this year.

What makes events in Colorado special?

The sunshine, the blue sky, the mountains, the gorgeous views. You can get married any time of year in Colorado and it is beautiful, even in the city.

Mountain Wedding Table Setting Serendipity Catering: Thanks, Sarah — your work to bring people and vendors together is appreciated by your clients and your partners!


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