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Easy Holiday Decorating

With a mere fourteen days left until Christmas it is now time to deck the halls for the holiday and for any upcoming events.  Holiday decorating can be subtle or sometimes outlandish!  We discovered a few wallet-friendly concepts that will keep any home or party merry and bright.


Bring the Outdoors Inside

Without the holidays, winter would just be one long cold season.  Thankfully, we have the great excuse of many celebrations to get us out and 20091229_IcicleTreesocializing, even on the coldest of days.  We like the idea of using nature as inspiration to achieve a familiar festive feeling that won’t break the bank.  Outdoor items like pine cones, birch branches, evergreen, and acorns can either be scavenged for or found at a craft store.  For a simple and elegant look, place tall birch branches in a large cylinder vase, fill the vase with pine cones, and hang with any ornaments that didn’t make it to your tree.  Make an easy centerpiece with four stackable bowls; fill each bowl with wintergreens, nuts, cranberries and smaller ornaments.  Or simply stack pine cones in a festive bowl.  To add extra sparkle, paint or glitter any of these natural findings.


Look to Your Grocery Store for Inspiration

321655598355825261_DNMiZCIY_cThe wonderful part about seasonal foods is that they often correlate with the celebratory colors.  Produce like cranberries, limes, kumquats, pears, and, oranges all can be part of festive decorations. Layer them in large vases adding evergreen branches.  Or float votives and smaller fruits like cranberries, or kumquats in a large colorful bowl.  Make an impressive punch bowl by freezing cranberries and evergreen twigs between two nesting bowls.  If you do not want to go that trouble, just freeze cranberries in an ice tray for a festive addition.  Pomegranate seeds are beautiful in champagne as they bounce up and down with the bubbles! For cute food displays cut a butternut or acorn squash in half, scoop out the seeds, and rinse.  Fill with nuts or olives.  Don’t forget the candy aisle!  Look for foiled chocolates to set in vases or bowls.  Get creative with candy canes- tie them to napkins for place settings, hot glue peppermint sticks around pillar candles, make candy cane trees, or make a lovely candy cane vase.


Recycle! Give Old Items New Life!

Think about any unused items you may have and be creative with ideas on how to repurpose them for holiday DIY+christmas+topiariescheer.  For example, use old sweater sleeves to wrap around large candle holders or turn summer’s tomato cages upside-down and place lights on them for lighted mini trees. (We highly recommend using LED lights–their bulbs are becoming brighter and better!  If you haven’t made the switch yet, that is fine.  Keep using the electric lights until they are no longer working before rushing out to buy LED.)

Use plastic milk or soda cartons for rustic candle lights.  Use old sticky bows to make a wreath, use wine bottles to display greenery and evergreen, or wrap ribbon around coffee cans for a candy display.  Just be creative and see what happens–nothing to lose with things that weren’t being used anyway!

We’d love to hear you best holiday decorating ideas!


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